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Your Source for Ready Capital When the Banks Say NO!

Invoice Factoring

Finance your important terms of payment with your valuable customers. The perfect solution for payroll worries when customers take 15 to 75 days to pay their invoices

Inventory Finance

Revolving lines of credit to finance accounts receivable, inventory, and equipment. The solution of choice for rapidly growing manufacturers and distributors

Purchase Order Finance

How to finance the purchase of raw materials to finish goods to meet the deadline of large "big box" orders or pay Pacific Rim factories? It's simple! Purchase Order Finance

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We Provide Agent Training

As a recognized resource for factoring and alternative commercial finance solutions, we bring our years of experience to assist small business entrepreneurs when seeking capital solutions and winning financial strategies.  We are passionate about always providing value in our services to clients and doing “the right thing” for their benefit.

Each year, a growing portion of our small business clients are referred to us by local professionals such as bank loan officers, accounting professionals, attorneys, and many others.  We value these referrals and your trust in us to treat your customers as our own.  Once a referral is received, we always respond with the utmost professionalism and courtesy.

We Pay Referral Fees

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