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Invoice Factoring

Finance your important terms of payment with your valuable customers. The perfect solution for payroll worries when customers take 15 to 75 days to pay their invoices

Inventory Finance

Revolving lines of credit to finance accounts receivable, inventory, and equipment. The solution of choice for rapidly growing manufacturers and distributors

Purchase Order Finance

How to finance the purchase of raw materials to finish goods to meet the deadline of large "big box" orders or pay Pacific Rim factories? It's simple! Purchase Order Finance

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Factoring: How It Works

Because factoring, as a form of commercial finance, is structured as a purchase and sale method of finance rather than a typical loan, factoring offers some tremendous advantages and options for small business owners.  For example, factors do not require personal guarantees from their clients and additionally do not require a lengthy business credit history when establishing a financing facility.  This makes factoring perfect for young companies and even startups. 

With factoring, you can receive advances against your invoices to use to make payroll, pay suppliers, purchase inventory, and expand your business. Factoring can also allow you to offer the credit limits that many larger customers demand, without having to worry about interruptions to your company’s cash flow. Additionally, factoring can allow you to take advantage of trade discounts, as well as meet trade obligations and other expenses.

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Who We Finance

FACTORING: A B2B financing tool which provides advances of cash from the sale of current invoices payable from customers. Use cash advances to meet timely payroll, purchase inventory, pay taxes, or for any other current need.

FAST FUNDING: Factors provide funds more rapidly than banks. Factoring companies offer quicker application, minimal documentation and swifter realization of funds as compared to other financial institutions.

NO ADDITIONAL COLLATERAL REQUIRED: The factor’s advances are extended on the basis of the strength of accounts receivables and customer creditworthiness. Unlike traditional loans, factors do not require any additional collateral to be pledged/hypothecated. This makes factoring perfect for new businesses and startups who can easily qualify for factoring advances.

All Types of B2B Service Companies...Even Startups

All Types of Manufacturers and Distributors...Even International

Sub-Contractors Involved in Commercial Projects

B2C Government Contractors Including State and County

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Tell us about your business and its current capital requirements.  One of our seasoned expert account executives will quickly review your request and propose a solution.

Once we propose a financial solution, we will quickly recommend your factor or lender that specializes in your capital requirements. 

Unlike most traditional bank loans which take weeks to process, our asset-based factors and lenders understand the “quick need” for capital.  We can usually have your company  funded in just a matter of days.

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Our Directory of Lenders. Over 500 Ready Capital Sources to Serve You

Over 500 Lenders to Serve You

At Hanney Associates, we are a proud member of the IACFB, the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers, which publish the Directory of American Factors and Lenders,.  This is the  largest database of factors and alternative commercial finance providers available in the industry.  Our access to the directory means that “When the Banks Say NO”, we can virtually always say “Yes” and can find the right lender for your capital needs every time.  In fact, if we can’t get it done, it likely can’t be done  

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To be certain, it is not the intent of your local community banks to NOT provide financing for your business.  It is simply that banks are often not capable of providing that financing due to government  restrictions and even economic conditions. 

Learn what factoring and our services can do for your business and it’s growth.  Just complete the quick form at right to get your FREE copy of this valuable guide:  When Banks Say NO!  The Small Business Guide to Factoring!  

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